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SOUNDSORBER FILM FACED is an acoustic grade polyurethane foam. Sorber is designed to obtain maximum absorption per given thickness through the uniform cell structure of the polyurethane foam. MORE INFO

WAVEBAR SOUND BAFFLE easy way to reduce noise throught walls, floors and buildings near airports; as strip curtains, soft machine enclosures and truck mats; and for muffling explosions and noisy equipment such as jack hammers, drill rigs and pile drivers. MORE INFO

SOUNDSORBER BARRIER This composite is designed to provide maximum noise reduction in the hardest environment. The isolation foam (6mm thick) decouples the flexible barrier from the substrate while the thicker absorbing foam (Soundsorber™) reduces the airborne noise. MORE INFO

COMPRESSOR WRAPS A manufactured compressor jacket designed to reduce noise generated by air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Produced from 5 and 8kg foil faced loaded vinyl with a polyurethane backing a large selection of compressor types available. MORE INFO


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